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About Us

The District Statistics and Evaluation Office, Leh was set-up in the year 1988, is a Nodal Agency of Directorate of Economics and Statistics, J&K and it is a Part of Planning Development and Monitoring Department. The functions and duties of the Department are detailed here under:-

The District Statistics and Evaluation Agencies have been strengthened and entrusted with the work of conducting Evaluation studies at the District level. A minimum of four studies are required to be conducted per District annually. Two of the studies are assigned by the State Level Evaluation Committee and the other two by the concerned District Development Commissioner.

The District Evaluation and Statistics Office is also engaged in co-ordination of statistics of all sectors at District level and maintenance thereof. The data are fed to the Directorate of Economics & Statistics, besides, presenting the same in the following publications at the district level:-

1) District Statistical Handbook
2) Block wise / Constituency wise Village Amenity Directory
3) District Economic Review
4) District at a Glance

The Department looks after the National Sample Survey (NSS) work also. The NSS surveys are conducted on double matching basis. Field work and scrutiny is done at District level and the rest in the Directorate of Economics & Statistics. This Agency is also involved in training of personnel, inspection of various surveys and studies conducted by the Directorate and also by other departments of the government and involved in all types of censuses conducted by the State and the Central governments.

The District Statistics and Evaluation Officer is designated as the Additional District Registrar of Births and Deaths and is responsible for improvement in the vital registration system through inspections, training of staff, proper enforcement of Births and Deaths Registration Act, preservation of relevant records and getting the monthly returns expedited to the Direction office, where the data are tabulated and issued in the form of Annual Bulletin of Vital Statistics.

This Department is also assigned with the job of conducting the physical verification of different infrastructural projects / Schemes allotted by Planning Development & Monitoring Department from time to time.

The job of collecting price statistics of essential commodities on the devised formats from the local market on weekly basis is done by this Department. The data so collected has been compiled and submitted in the shape of monthly progress reports to the Office of Director General, Economics & Statistics, J&K

Labour Bureau, Ministry of Labour & Employment, GOI, Chandigarh also entrust the job for conducting Employment and Unemployment Survey round the calendar year to this Department through the office of DG E&S, J&K

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